Following readings were taken today on a RUUD 4-ton R-22 system:

Liquid Line
200psig >> ~101 deg F
80 deg F (reading taken near service valve)
78 deg F (reading taken about 6" from entry to evap)
I calculate 21 deg F SC (should not exceed 15 deg F)

Suction Line
50 psig >> ~30 deg F
77 deg F (reading taken near service valve)
I calculate 47 deg F SH (should be btwen 20-30 deg F)

Ambient Air = 79 deg F
Air Exit Condensor = 86 deg F
Air Temp Entering Evap at return air register near blower = 80 deg F
Air Temp Leaving Evap = 66 deg F

Condensor Coil and Evap Coil were cleaned two weeks ago. Have not taken amperage reading at compressor.

From Troubleshooting with Superheat at:

I read:

"A low side superheat greater than 30 degrees indicates too little refrigerant is in the low side.
· A condenser subcooling exceeding 15 degrees indicates too much liquid refrigerant is in the high side."

Further it states an example:

"High superheat with high condenser subcooling indicates a
restriction. Too much liquid is in the high side and too little in the low side."

Would I expect a restriction based upon the info above or could it be low on refrigerant?