I had a top of the line Lennox 2-stage system installed about a month ago (HSX-19 condensing unit, G60-UHV furnace, and coil). I was at home when everything was installed. I wanted some input about a couple of things I noticed.

The installers placed the condensing unit on the concrete pad. Then they started installing the new line set for the R410A. My line set comes out at the soffit and goes down the outside wall near the condensing unit. Since the cond. unit was in place (although nothing was hooked to it), they put a piece of cardboard on top of the unit and stood on top of the unit to push/pull the new line set in place. They told me it was ok to stand on top of the unit. Supposedly, they only stood on the outside perimeter but I really have my doubts since the line set install was not easy. Is it ok to stand on top of the condensing unit? If not, what should I do about this?

Next, the condensing unit manual came with a package of 3 gaskets (I think that is what they are called) that were to be used as fillers in the holes in the condensing unit where the copper tubing and thermostat wire enter. I saw them take the gaskets outside, but later I realized that the gaskets were not installed. I presume they were just thrown away. Should the installers have used them? Will I have any problems if they are not there?

Originally I had a Lennox HS14 condensing unit that used R-22. The new unit has a scroll compressor that uses R410A. After the install, I noticed that the lights in the house would dim whenever the unit came on. It did not matter if the unit was starting in low or high stage. The technician came out and measured approximately 114 amps on startup in both low and high stage. Lennox recommended that a specific hard-start kit be put on the condensing unit, which was done. I still have the dimming. Im not sure if it is every time anymore but when it does it, it is quite noticeable. I never noticed this problem with my old system. Any suggestions? Thanks for a great website and forum.