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    We operate a number of assisted living facilities in Southern Wisconsin. The staff constantly opens the windows while the air or heat is on. Is there some kind of literature / article that I can get my hands on to hand out to all staff at upcoming staff meetings that indicates the negative affect of people doing this?

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    Perhaps you should look at why are they opening the windows in the first place.

    Does it feel stuffy inside? Are the units bringing in the code required amount of outside air?

    How are your buildings controlled? Does the staff have control of a t-stat or are they locked down by the DDC?

    What type of systems do you have? A bunch of split systems or a commercial type roof top with VAVs?

    My guess with the limited info on your post your staff is opening the windows to have some control over their enviroment. Either they are too hot or too cold and the only way to control their enviroment is to open a window.

    Opening a window does not always have a negative "effect" on a system if the system has a proper filtration and is sized to handle outside air.

    I would suggest you ask your staff why they are opening the windows in the first place.
    Sean Cantrell

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    Yeah, hand them the responses from the owner after they've seen the monthly utility bills!!!
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    You obviously have problems with the system, as the outside must be more comfortable than the inside. It doesn't require extensive literature to explain that you shouldn't be opening doors/windows with the a/c or heat on.
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    Sean made a good point, WHY are they opening the windows?

    Ask them at the meeting, of why they open the windows. And then let us know.. Then we then maybe point out a few things of why.

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    I was an maintenance tech for an AL, windows would be opened, in the dinning room after meals while the staff was resetting. Finally we set the thermstat to cool the area after the residents (much warmer natured)had vacated the area. For me it is a security issue as much as it is a huge waste of energy!
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    Here is the biggest problem with assisted living, nursing homes or hospitals.
    The temp must be maintained for the comfort of the residents/patients. This temp is usually too warm for the workers, hence they are mostly the problem with opening windows and propping doors.

    I spent 7 yrs at a nursing home before going into a hospital boiler room. We had this problem with windows without any real cure. Good Luck.

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    Originally posted by jbn
    Is there some kind of action that I enforce with my hands to hand out to all staff at upcoming staff meetings that indicates the negative affect of people doing this?
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    THanks all for your input! Even the flippant answers were most enjoyable.

    It is as one of the responders said - the staff is roasting and the residents are cold.

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