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    My company is considering taking this line on. I have little to no experience with this brand.

    Any input regarding service, performance, application, and tech support would be appreciated.


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    Being in Florida I see them all the time.

    Well built, excellant humidity removal, slightly oversized "s"coil.

    Most service problems I've run across are related to water quality.

    The ground water down here from shallow wells which most water source heat pumps use is of poor quality loaded with solids, minerals which build up in the water coils and affect heat transfer which means high head pressure problems.

    With a good water source FHP is a solid and reliable performer.

    Heres a link.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have a differing opinion from Don, Ive found dozens with leaking evaps in the 5-7 year range, the package units use cap tubes instead of TXV's, Dont care for the Bristol compressors either but thats just my opinion, their older stuff was much better, Id rather have just about any other brand than an FHP

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