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The unit is "cooling" so to speak..I think I have other issues such as heat gain/air loss in the house. Thermostat will not stay below 77 in the afternoon. Split between supply and return in 14-15 at the furthest supply duct. I have metal ductwork in the attic so taking a reading near the coil is difficult.

The unit will run for 11 out of 24 hours. This is an older house built int 1973...with little attic insulation.

There is no shroud so to speak and no indication there ever was one.

Thanks for the help everyone
Sounds like a decent temp drop. Call your local power company and ask if they have a program where you can get reimbursed for adding insulation to your home. I was quoted about 1k for added various amounts of blown-in in various places, and the rebate calculation paid for about 75% of it. Worth every cent if it's done right.

Sounds like you are new to this house. Have you given the unit a good look-see to find supply AND return holes? Either one can cause lots more problems than just wasted air in the attic.

Can you just take a picture of the unit so we can take that issue off the table?