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    Folks, thanks for your information (except for moe-air's unless he can explain why you should replace a Trane A/C unit every 10 years).

    That would be because it is always best to install matching components , but not only that , you now have a new furnace and coil and a 10 yr old condensing unit that will begin to give you trouble within the next few years and when it does and you have to replace it , it wont be compatable with the furnace and coil you just bought and you will have to buy them all over again, that is unless the equipment you just bought and your lineset is rated for pressures high enough for puron

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    10 year pld trane unit and a dirty coil i would have replaced the coil to. replace the crank case heater asap. it there happens to be a cold night and you turn it on it might be a problem. for now you should not have a problem
    keep that filer clean and condenser coil also and you will have many years left to the unit. when the tech comes out to change the heater ask him to clean the outside coil so you start out in good shape

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    Thanks for your Help

    Folks, thanks for all the information. Ya'll help me to become a better informed consumer. A more informed consumer helps to keep questionable AC companies in check. In the last month I have had both my furnaces and AC coils replaced, and now a crankcase heater. When I was getting quotes on my furnaces I had 4 different companies give me 4 different things I need to do to my system to make it better. Where are the standards? After both my Trane variable speed blower furnaces were installed I found out that they had set the furnaces on single speed instead of variable speed. I wonder how many people spent the extra money for variable speed and were not set up that way. They also missed sealing up a crease between the 5" pleat filter and the furnace housing, sucking in dirty attic air directly into the blower. I am planning on filing a formal complaint with Trane and Home Depot. Now you know why I was questioning my outdoor A/C unit not working 2 weeks after the furnace installs. Again, thanks for your help.

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    to all. why mis-match ahu with a 10 yr old condenser? the crankcase heater is the first to come and go, what's next?

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    ahhhhh Home Depot. Say no more.
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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