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    2200 sq foot house. 3 ton 10 seer heat pump installed. No humidifier.

    What size humidifier should be installed in this home? How involved is this and will it strain system? Does this really reduce heating costs?


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    Do you get shocked during winter? I thought you would only put in a humidifier if you needed to add humidity....couldn't imagine it being less expensive to heat a humid house. I'd like to hear more on don't have an energy efficient system to begin with.
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    Humidity plays a significant role in comfort. Lower humidity during summer makes the homeowner feel cooler so that the t-stat setpoint can actually be higher. The opposite is true of winter. With a humidifier, the t-stat setpoint can be slightly lower and the homeowner will feel the same as one or two degrees warmer. That is, of course, assuming there is a lack of humidity already during winter. It boils down to the rate of evaporation across your body, and humidity is directly related to that rate of evaporation, which to the homeowner = comfort.

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