I have a Carrier 3 ton, 10 SEER 1998 model heat pump for a 2200 sq ft house (includes finished basement).

Problem is when the air conditioning is turned on, it blows hot air inside. The outdoor unit fan is blowing cold air. The tech diagnosed it as having a stuck REVERSAL VALVE in the heat mode. He stated the solenoid was fine because he could hear it coming on. He attempted to unstick the valve....by knocking on some wires to no avail.

Needless to say the replacement of the reversal valve appears pricy. It was recommended for 2.5x the price of the reversal valve to replace the unit with a unit with the same 3 ton 10 seer rating.

We'll probably be in the house for less than 5 years so my inclination is to repair the unit with a new reversal valve and maybe get a service contract from somewhere since the unit is out of warranty.

1. Does this diagnosis appear correct with the info supplied here?

2. Is there another method to "unstick" the reversal valve....like apply direct heating or cooling to the valve.

3. How do I know the solenoid isn't the problem.

4. Is a second opinion worth it on this problem.