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    Intermittant burn, pilot functions, not burner?

    Gas Fireplace: For awhile, burn was intermittant. Switch on, fire burns maybe 20 minutes, goes out; then after half hour, comes back on. (switch left on entire time). Random on/off happenings. Pilot stayed on.
    Now, pilot went out. Replaced the thermocouple (or whatever that element that sits in the pliot flame is called). Blew out pilot light and valve with compressed air.
    When burner was intermittant, moving wiring panel (with "heat limit" "transformer" and "igniter control" connections) would sometimes make burner come on, so I suspected loose wiring connection on that panel. Pulled all connectors, cleaned and replaced wires.
    Now the pilot will light in "pilot" setting, but any attempt to turn pilot valve to full "on" immediately makes pilot light go out. Bottom line is that pilot light burns in pilot setting, but can't turn valve to "on" without pilot light going out.
    Can anyone help a neophyte who doesn't have a clue???
    Thanks much for any advice.

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    Looks like you might want to and call for service.

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    Do it yourself advise is not permitted on this site.

    You need to contact a Pro before you hurt yourself !!!

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