1. New House - 3100 square feet
2. 3 zones with separate units
3. zone 1 for living room, dining room and kitchen/pantry area
4. HVAC guy has put zone 2 large return grate/thermostat right next to fireplace in living room...eliminating option of builtin tv cabinet on that wall. We have to live with that.
5. Now insists on putting zone 1 return grate/thermostat on opposite wall..which we are spending a great deal extra ($3000) to brick floor to ceiling (24 ft ceiling).
6. We want to put zone 1 return in adjoining dining room...less than 4 feet from where he wants to locate it. The dining room is an open area which adjoins living doors...just large open arch.
7. HVAC guy wants us to sign a release that allows him to assume no responsibility for cooling zone 1 if we, to quote him, "go against his wishes" and place the retun less than 4 feet from where he wants to put it.
8. I understand that optimal function might be had with the exact location he chose (based on a computer analysis); but I also know that sometimes in life there may be another way to do something.
9. Please advise