Hi all. I appreciate you reading this post. So I'm taking a pre-apprenticeship course at JARTS to get a better idea of the trade. It's been helpful. I'll come away with a CFC ticket and Transportation of dangerous goods license. I also have my gasfitter C ticket. I guess that makes me somewhat useful right away for my future employer.

Does anyone have any other ideas for training that would be a benefit to my skills and, in turn, my future employer as well?

...and what is the market looking like these days for new helpers/apprentices trying to get started in the Lower Mainand? Some guys I have talked to say it's best to take any offer you can get whether it's residential, markets, whatever. Instructors have told me to hold out for a commercial/ industrial outfit as I could potentially learn more and they thought it was more up my alley.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to getting started and making progress into becoming a good reliable tech.

Thanks for any input you can offer everyone. This newbie really appreciates it!!