I took the Jarts pre-apprenticeship course. Its there just to give you the basics, but the best thing I got from that was a call from the union with a temporary job. That got my foot in the door with an hvac company. This was back in 2007 when hvac companies were hiring like crazy. Its not like that anymore....there is a glut of apprentices.

I do not recommend going to any school and spending 6 months taking a pre-apprentice hvac course. Its unnecessary and you will end up having to study the same crap over again if you become an apprentice.

Jarts is run by local 516, They are considered the authority when it comes to hvac/refrigeration in BC. Please do no waste your time and money on courses offered by other schools. They are out to get your money and you will not get better training than in Jarts.

I talked to local 516 recently. Its pretty tough out there right now for apprentices so new people trying to break into the trade are going to have a really tough time getting in.