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Thread: Lithium Bromide

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    When the Lithium Bromide is removed from an abortion chiller, can the percent of actual Lithium Bromide be checked by checking specific gravity? Does the alcohol and inhibitors upset the reading? Since the Lithium Bromide is more dense than water, does the solution have to be stirred up before a acurate reading can be taken? If I read 1.38 SG at 85 deg.F, how much bromide is in the drum? Where is a chart that will read this? Thanks

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    1.38@ 85 = 40% concentration, the inhibitors are so minute in comparison to the amount of solution that it doesn't effect the reading. I have never had to stir anything up, I dont think they will seperate in a container but I have never let one sit for any length of time to test it. I will try and find a chart that can be posted.
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