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    The house is a Cape not that large Approx. 1500 sq.?
    What is the best Oil forced air furnace?
    What size is the best for supply lines off trunk?
    What is the best EFF? For my area? I was told??? 80% is fine, Tri State area.
    What is the best Seer I was told???? 10 Is fine????
    To change or not to change (oil to gas) I'm not afraid of Oil I think it's fine. My studies tell me it's cheaper and It burns hotter? I was told convert... (why)? Hmmmm???
    Can anyone answer a few ques.
    P.S. Should I post only one ques. at a time? Sees like people only answer one of many ques. I have... Please let me know what you think.....

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    Personally Thermo Pride makes one of the best Oil Fired heaters on the market.

    As far as sizing this needs to be done by a professional. You can click on the Bulls Eye above and do it yourself just to compare notes with your contractor. It’s worth the $50.

    For efficiency that depends on your area. If you mean New York then 80% and 10 Seer is fine but I would go higher on the heating end.

    I also prefer Nat Gas to Oil.

    Do your own Heat load/Loss calculation
    Call 3 or 4 contractors and see what they say and post it here. This is a major investment. Take your time and do your homework. Good Luck.

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    Thermopride oil furnace.

    If you know for sure your electric rate isn't going to go up int the next 10 years get a 10 seer.

    NG, or oil, is a personal, and regional choice, check the current rates of both, your the one who will be paying the bill.

    I don't recommend 10 anymore in South PA, 12 seer is better.

    As far as size, like already said, load calc, will tell you.
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