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    I have quotes on these two systems. From what I can tell - the big differences between the two are:

    The Affinity (two stage compressor) has a 15+ SEER rating vs Armstrong (single stage) has a 14 SEER rating ( 6.5 tons total - which I have ball parked the savings for the Affinity at $100-$200 a year .. zone 3 - North Carolina ).

    The Affinity is claimed to be very quiet ..

    The Armstrong can be obtained with a great warranty - 10 year, no lemon - parts/labor fully covered. The quote on the Affinity is 10 year compressor/5 year moving parts/1 year warranty

    Am I missing anything in comparing these two in order to decide ?

    Thanks ! Dan

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    You can get an extended parts and labor warranty on the Affinity also.

    The Affinity is very quiet, and will do better at humidity control, being that it is 2 stage.

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    I can't believe you'll see that much of an energy savings going with the York over the 14 SEER however, though you can see up to 18 SEER depending upon matchup. Better check your figures if you buy the Yorkie for $$ savings. Buy it for comfort and quiet. The Armstrong is a stripped Lennox unit. Not near the machine as the 8T however. The 3 ton unit is a whisper quiet 70 db, probably about as quiet as you can get due to the isolated compressor compartment and swept wing fan.

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