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    The inside blower motor on my 2 1/2 year old AS Freedom 80 furnace just started chattering on start and stop operations. My service company says motor bearing going out, need new motor for $550+ and warranty for motor in this config is 1 year. The current AS web site shows 5 year parts warranty on these models now. Any one else had this type problem with a motor or a AS dealer who won't provide a 5 year warranty?

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    Go here and look for another dealer, or contact the listed local distributor.
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    seach here

    This site has qualified people.. do a search here..

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    I can't recall when the 5 year parts warranty started. I know it was October, I'm thinking 2002. I can find out for sure on Monday. What's the model # and serial #?

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    Thanks all for the quick response. I contacted warrenty desk at home office, and learned this unit manufactured 2002 and has five year parts warranty on all other than heat exchanger (20). Also have the name of the local stocking distributor, so I'm good for now. Thanks again.

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