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    eac in system and they clean it once a year. i would check the evap coil and see if it is parcely clodged a dirty eac will let a lot of dirt through. have seen this a lot
    if they dont clean it at least every two months recomend switching to a media

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    Originally posted by hvac-tech-lane
    Originally posted by mo-flo
    yeah dump the juice to it and see where your superheat goes....i would think overcharge or low airflow is what i would be looking for...i would want my superheat a little more than what you got now...
    With respect sir at only 12 degrees subcooling how would you suspect overcharge? And at 10 degree delta across evap with 80 psi suction and 14 degrees superheat how would you figure low air flow?
    the way i was taughtwas low super heat=low airflow{dirty coil},low airflow....the OP said he had 10 delta between registers not across evaporator,...lot of stuff between the 2....the sub-cooling would be a little low if we were charging for txv,...i was taught to charge with superheat for units with pistons and that line is a little cold [low superheat} coming back to compressor considering ambient temperatures that are being talked about...just the way i was taught to have more around 20 or higher with outdoor at 76...please correct me if i'm wrong...i'm here to learn. p.s. i guess we all have been taught a little different on ways to charge,but the bottom line is according to what the particular manufacturer recommends readings should be.

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