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    Hello Again,
    Let me start by saying thanks for the response... Well, the problem is this has been the most frustrating part of my renovation to date. Staten Island, NY, here can't seem to get a good HVAC company. They come they don't call back with estimates I wait for 3-4 weeks, then the estimate is nothing like what we spoke about. I need new duct work new furnace either an attic a/c unit or a coil for the furnace. We speak about thermo-pride and I get a quote for a no frills brand.... And no price for Duct work?
    I need Help I want to know what my options are since I feel like Im being taken for a ride...
    The house is a Cape not that large Approx. 1500 sq.?
    What is the best Oil forced air furnace?
    What size is the best for supply lines off trunk?
    What is the best EFF? For my area? I was told??? 80% is fine
    What is the best Seer I was told???? 10 Is fine????
    To change or not to change (oil to gas) I'm not afraid of Oil I think it fine. My studies tell me it's cheaper and It burns hotter? I was told convert... (why)? Hmmmm???
    So I have been told a 85000 btu, 3 1/2 ton a/c will be fine I think that's true seems to be what the neighbors have.
    If anyone can help I would be grateful.
    Thank you

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    3.5 ton for 1500 sq ft. Do me a favor click the bullseye at the top of the page and do a load calc and see what you need.
    Thermopride is a brand good and it would be cheaper to put A/C coil on top of furnace and use the same ducts. Keep the a/c out of the attic, it is a very bad place to put an a/c. Sometimes you have no choice.
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    try calling some NJ contractors,this is a job hiring list but there are residential companies in here....good luck
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