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    Reading a lot of interesting thoughts regarding getting a room by room "manuel J" analysis done. My question - is this normally considered part of a contractors bidding process or is this something out of the norm and that I'd pay for separately from their bid?

    My one (and only so far) bidder simply looked at my existing furnace and recommended a replacement. Hence my concern that I may not have enough return ducting to accommodate a large increase in CFM.

    thanx for any help.

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    A manual J should be done to know what size furnace, and a/c you really need.

    Many companies can't do them, and will give you the old, I've done alot of these type houses and their all the same excuse.

    Keep calling contractors till youo get one that does it, and shows it to you.

    PS: I said shows you, not give it to you.

    If you want it to get other quotes, then you must pay for it.
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