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    Help with a Liebert

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen a Liebert do this before.
    The call is no cooling in a server room, when we get there and the Challenger2 front panel is all lit up, every alarm, and when we try to scroll using the blue push button on the control board it is locked out, turn off the unit and back on and it will start. every thing runs like usual, but it will lock out again at random intervals. Any help with this would be great. thanks.
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    If I had a dollar for everything weird a liebert or Stulz or dankin did to me I would be a MULTI millionaire.
    Did you call tech support......
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    Sounds like a bad board. Check the setup of the board, make sure program is right for model number.
    Check each compressor seperately when running make sure each is doing what it is supose to do, super heat, subcooing , amperage. Then check hunmidifier (if equiped)
    If the machine is doing what it is supose to befor it lock out, then you can be sure the board might Have something to do with it..

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    You could have a faulty board but before replacing it contact the supplier and find out if you can purchase and replace the eprom.The cost of an eprom in comparison to a new board is worth considering.
    I've had problems with Liebert units where it kept tripping out on a fault the same fault every time.I replaced the eprom and problem solved.
    It might not fix your problem but its worth a try.

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    Ive had this happen to me twice. The older liebert boards like that one have a brown pasonic battery sodered onto the board which is non replaceable. This battery keeps the e-prom hot at all times. When the battery dies and then power is cycled to the unit the e-prom basicly looses its rom. So the board is dead, liebert dosent make those boards anymore but they do make a very expensive board that can be retrofitted to make this unit work. Given the age of this equipment you and your customer will have to decide which is a better road, board replacement or unit replacement. Some of the older system 3 units also have a flat watch style battery in them that does the same thing. Replace those batteries while the board has power too make sure this does not happen to those units as well. Hope this helps.

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