Does anyone know about Rudd A/C's with piston metering devices.

I'm doing a PM on a 4 ton Rudd A/C 10 SEER, all I could get off the name plate was 048.

I checked the charge and got 225 psi head and 68 psi suction with 5 degrees superheat. 85 F Outdoor ambient and 74 indoor db. The charging chart on the inside cover showed with an outdoor ambient of 85 and 4 tons I should have 228 psi head, so far so good. Well, I checked the suction chart and it said with 85 outdoor and 68 psi suction I should have 54 F suction temp, I had 40 F. I didn't add refrigerant since the head pressure looked ok.

Am I missing something here? Should those charts be somewhere close to each other?