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    Thanks to everyone for their advise. Now I know I can't take about price but the repair price tag is steep, should I replace the entire hvac system? If so what should I buy? My house is 1500sg witha 1100 sq basement, I live in Denver, Colorado.

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    i personally would not put a dime into a 20 year old system.

    if you plan on living here for a while consider replacement.

    you have definately gotten your moneys worth out of it, let it die a peaceful death. then, provide you and your family with a much more econimical and comfortable system.

    good luck.

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    i kinda thought you would come to your senses and not replace the pan. most cases the cost does not make it worth while. let your contractor do a manual j and tell you what you need we cant here. you got 20 years from this unit so you got your monies worth. also talk to him about any problems you have had with the heat and ac over the years so he can make some changes to rectifie these conserns
    good luck

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    if rest of system is solid just replace evap coil

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    I can see it now, put a new ACoil and watch the compressor die!

    You should look for a professional company; one who sizes up your house without you asking for it, one who gives you the best guarantee, one who is highly recommended by inspectors, previous installations (references)etc....
    Notice i didn't say anything about price, this is not important as value, longevity of equipment.

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