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    Just want to know if anyone has an idea about what the charge might be on this coffin open scoop ice-cream freezer.A Master-Bilt it's 90"x28" and 35" high with a 2.5"thick walls on the case-I'm replaceing a Copelamatic KAAB-007E-CAA that was locked up mechanicly.The ssuction line cracked when I was sliding the sled back in and the charge escaped.It's a cap tube metering device.I just wanted to save some time when I charge it up with out waiting for the frost line.It's 404A.There were no tags on it anywhere.Any ideas?

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    call masterbuilt..for an exact charge..
    but if you gota get it going, i'd go 4oz at a time until head psi was within reason..

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    From your description that looks like a Master-Bilt DD-88. I don't have any charge data on them, but I'm fairly sure that'll be the right model for you to call them with. here's their web page on that machine:

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    Thanks guys.Ice was right on model number but spec sheet at site has no charge on it so will call monday.Good advice Prim-I just was hopeing to shorten the react time was all-but I love this forum.Charge to head and watch amp draw at same time.

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    which is it? cap tube or TXV?


    Amps to charge?


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    I'm sorry what I ment to say is watch frost line and charge to head and have your amp probe on compressor just to watch amps-it's a cap tube so crit charge-becaause it's a cap tube and takes so long to react I watch the amps at same time just for insurance-have seen other guys in hurry overwork small comps.But to charge to amps-scairy.The 4 oz gas at a time is good advice.So i'll just watch that serpintines coil ice and drink coffee ha ha ha just kidding I'll call master bilt monday and find right charge.Also I always watch the amps on a new compressor on start up anyway.Well to be honest I take the amp draws of a lot of stuff.Thanks, the reason I learn so much is because I don't know it all

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    A lot of guys get in such a hurry to leave the job when they're working on fractional hp systems.

    Everyone has they're specialty are of expertice.

    I like working on a lot of different things, personally.
    I have very eclectic tastes in service.

    But I also happen to know, that guys who dont like fractional hp systems tend to blow by the most critical of steps in order to move on down the road to the next service order.

    The dif between working on standard commercial sized systems and fractional systems is like being a doctor servicing patients who are atheletes ... and then being expected to address the needs of babies.

    Simply stated: the fractional systems are more like infants when compared to the strength of the larger horse power sealed systems.
    They are just more delicate. They are not very forgiving when an error is made.

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