I just moved into a new place and installed a digital thermostat, but I don't know much about Air conditioners and would like to make sure I did it correctly. My AC is a Goodman model CPH36-1FB. The previous thermostat was a Honeywell heat pump thermostat. The connections were as follows:

X - Blue
W2 - White
R - Red
O - Orange
G - Green
Y - Yellow
E - Pink

I made the following connections to my new Ritetemp digital thermostat:

C - Blue
W - White
RC - Red, jumped to RH
O - Orange
G - Green
Y - Yellow
Pink Taped Off

It seems to be working fine but I just want to make sure. Here is how all the wires are run from the large wires on the condenser:

white - to AC and thermo
Red - to AC and thermo
Blue - to AC and thermo
Green - to thermo
Brown - Pink wire to thermo (not hooked up)

And from AC to thermo:


Thanks so much for your help!