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    Help ID Wood Burning insert

    I operate a one man handyman business and one of my customers ask me about cracks in the fake fire brick back panel in his wood burning fire place insert. It looks like the panel could be replaced if it is still available. Does anyone recognize the logo visible in the attached picture. I will probably refer him to a fireplace pro, but just thought I would at least try to determine the brand.

    Thanks for your help
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    That's a Preway brand prefab ZC fireplace.

    Made in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

    They are long since out of business.

    We throw a lot of those things in the dumpster behind the shop which is where they all belong.

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    As a follow-up, is this fireplace dangerous because of the crack in the brick on the back wall?


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    Cool online chimney inspection?

    I can't tell. Can you bring it here to me so I can perform a Level II inspection?

    Look, I know you mean well but seriously, you need to hire a pro to conduct a level II inspection if you think there is the slightest chance of resusitating this fireplace. Otherwise, you should plan on removing it and replacing it with a new listed unit, which means chimney and all. You cannot get replacement parts for Preway fireplaces and unlisted aftermarket parts are not allowed by code and could cause a fire. It has outlived its useful service life so it is now time to replace it.

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    Sorry to waste your time Hearthman. I'm just trying to get a client headed in the right direction. It's not quite summer in Missouri and I'd hate to think he burned his house down because I didn't tell him not to use the fireplace.

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