every year I come to this frastration. Here it is : I go to a n A/C maintenace call, clean condenser, check evap. coil drop, filter, static pressure (if needed) etc..... and finally I put my gauges on. I see S.L. (Suction line) pressure = 55psig, L.L. pressure 190 psig, O.A.T.(outside ambient temp) at 80F. Now, what do I do ? Is this an indication that there is leak ??? Called my boss, he said - " find the leak !" - "what leak" I ask ....

So, last week on a Bryant 2 ton, I cut both lines and installed "access valves" . Brought my Nitrogen bottle and pressured the system to 120 psig. Left the customer and came back next day. NO DARN LEAK (sorry about the CAPS), Pressure did not move at all. Nada.

Told my boss, but he still insists if the pressure on my gauges is not "text book case" - then I must find the leak. What Leak ? So, says the LAW.

Question: If the pressure on your gauges is 5-10psig LOWER than what it should be (according to O.A.T.) - what do you guys do ?