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    Question I’m reading my new Thermostat manual I’m wondering...
    Our HVAC guy installed a White-Rodgers 1F80-224 Thermostat with our Amana Prestige 14 SEER and AMV8 Furnace.
    Now, I’m no expert - in fact I know nothing - but is seems this is a Single Stage Themo and the AMV8 is a 2 Stage/Var Furnace.

    Spec sheet on the AMV8 states:

    A 2-stage thermostat should be used with the AMV8 furnace. A 2-stage thermostat controls which firing rate is used depending on the temperature difference between the set point and the room temperature. A properly used 2-stage thermostat and furnace will maintain a much tighter control of
    temperature than a conventional single-stage thermostat and furnace. A 2-stage furnace has both “W1” and “W2” terminals. If the thermostat has “Y1” and “Y2” cooling connections and a single-stage cooling system is used, connect “Y” on the furnace control to “Y1” on the thermostat. The table below
    describes 2-stage thermostats which have been set up for use with this furnace.

    Model Two-Stage Thermostat Description Color
    1213411 Digital, Non-Programmable, 2-stage, 2 Heat/2 Cool White
    1213407 Digital, Programmable, 2-stage, 2 Heat/1 Gool White
    1213406* Programmable, 3-stage, Manual or Automatic Changeover Beige


    Also, the cover sheet of the Manual of the 1F80-224 Thermostat states:
    DO NOT USE WITH (their caps, not mine):
    Multi-stage Systems.

    Do I have a mismatch here?? If so what model (W-R) Thermo should I replace with?

    Thanks again!

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    t stat

    Take look the t stat in side if you see w1 and w2 then its a two stage t-shat. You need 5 wires for two stage setup.

    red hot wire
    white w1
    green fan
    yellow ac
    blue could be w2 could be ground for t-stat
    if its on w2 then its w2

    if you have a wire on c then thats you common ground wire
    or return wire to power up t-stat.


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    The installed thermo was indeed a single stage. Talked to my installer - he has ordered a 2-stage thermo and will be installing it this week.
    Why was a 1-Stage therm installed for a 2-Stage unit?
    Why ask why.
    (Providing it gets wired correctly) it looks like the mismatch has been solved.

    maybe this *is* Rocket Science...;-)

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    Some dealers believe in using a single stage stat and having the timer in the furnace bring on high fire whether needed or not. A good dealer will install a 2 stage stat. The 1F85-275 is the programmable version. I prefer Honeywell's TH8320 Vision Pro personally.

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    thanks again - interesting bit about the single stage stat just letting the furnace do its thing.
    fwiw, our guy is going to install the White-Rodgers 1F83-261 Thermostat (Stages: 2H / 2C) - no program - but that's OK with me.

    Again, thanks for the input, guys...

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