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    Apr 2004
    has anyone ever heard of or delt with http://www. they are "Partners" in our co.

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    I just visited the site you linked to.

    Hmmmm.... I didnt see anything to do with this industry there.

    Your profile is blank. You been member here for OVER a year and yet you have only posted twice. And this "question" of yours was one of those two ....

    Maybe I am missing something here .... but what exactely is your question?

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    Apr 2004
    i didnt know there was a quota. i enjoy reading the different problems and concerns and replies. if there was something i thought needed another response i would offer it.most of the time the questions are already answered.i also enjoy the pictures of shame.and if u looked at the web site maybe u would have picked up on tappan and fridgidare and others. E-Commit brings other co's ideas and procedures and shares the "best" of them. i guess u weren't the one to answer my question, since i asked if anyone heard of or dealt with E-Commit.

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    Nope .... never heard of them.

    And no .... there is no quota. And there isnt anything wrong with being here to look at what is posted.

    I apologise if you were offended by my comments.

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    Jan 2004
    Never heard of them untill your post.

    the site makes it look like training, or consulting organization.
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