When it comes to money, it seems everything goes up except for the pay checks !! Our costs are rapidly increasing, so therefore our price must reflect that. People don't want to pay period, expesially when they think it's expensive.

And when you add the variables in like all this do it your self crap on TV, things get worse. Now i like the idea of someone trying to build little suzzie her own toy box. And I think it's cool that Joe Smo is attempting his own shed. But, when Harry decides to throw a set of guages on his condenser......I draw the line.

Now I do work for one of the TV shows, and I see what goes on behind the scenes. I also watch it on TV. I also see old timers get real mad when they do shows about stuff like say replacing your own toilet, or putting in a jet tub. These guys feel that it's a job for a profesional, and they have no buisness telling HO how to do it.

I see how things affect the trades lately and your all right. I have been talking about this for about a year now with my boss and other subs. There is a definite shift to the "know it all" HO who wants to not only be your client but also your superviser.

I don't know if it's all the TV and magazines that are out now instilling confidence in HO. Or maybe the fact that in todays age where everything else is getting tight, maybe the trades are going under the microscope now. Maybe it's just the simple fact that people are over-extending themselves alot more than in the past, which seems to be the trend now.

All I know for sure is that trades people are the ones with the skills and knowledge to get the job done right. If Harry HO wants to do something rediculous like his own central system....let him. I might not have gotten his job....but then again maybe I didn't want it.