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    Originally posted by airworx
    you guys may think this is funny

    I wasn't laughing.

    This happens all too often all over the place. And its because of poor training received by the unknowing, while being led, or thrown to the wolves by uncaring bosses, and or owners.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Originally posted by cachorro
    i have today unit no matter how much r22 i put on it liquid line have same temp. and evapor. coil freezin up
    did amrik go into the feild and register under a new name?

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    Okey guys i fixe today the ploblem and, was the txvs stock close, I put about 1 1/2 lb of r22and i did subcooling the txs wasn't opening and starb the evapora coil and it whay was freezzig I replace txs and unit runing 100%

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    airworx those 98% keep our jobs goin at the expense of the customer but you are right it is every where

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    hey hey guys I got this under the ploblem was the txs stock close estarbeen mi evapor.coil I put 1 1/2 lb of r22 and the temp. din't change on my subcooling liquid line and i teke my reeding an wet bulb and dry bulb and din't match whit temp out of vent. I replace txv and unit ran 100%

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