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The ducts are well sealed to my knowledge...mastic and wrapped with foil tape. Have a little leakage that needs to be address around the air handler/acquacoil unit still.

Old Yeller, still not sure why I wouldn't get the attic heating up in the winter from solar gain and melting snow that will freeze over the eaves and cause an ice dam. Its a low slope roof. I've been thinking roof heaters might alleviate this possibly though.
I don't have real-world dam experience in Texas, so I am only speaking from knowledge of what causes them, not experience.

It would seem to me that if you had enough solar gain to go through the snow and warm your attic, it would surely warm the eaves, also. In theory, ice dams are caused by warm roof and cold roof eaves, with the roof being warmed by leaked air from the house AND solar gain. That is why good ventilation is needed- to keep the attic cold in winter. BUT- Your attic should stay cold enough because of the icynene. Your solar gain should warm the WHOLE roof, not just the non-eave part.