OK, here's another problem for all the experts out there. Another dilemma caused by my having a builder use materials he was new to. Our attic in Boston has reached as high as 130 degrees on mid 80's days. The humidity is low like 15% at that point and I haven't seen it above 70% on the wettest of days yet. It cools down nice at night. This can't be a good situation, esp for ice dams in the winter.

We insulated the attic floor of our house with icynene foam. Baffles were used to allow air flow to the soffits in this cape style house with a 3rd gable wing off the back. Ridge and soffit venting were used. Problem is I think the soffits may be blocked in many spots since a smoke pen's smoke isn't getting sucked into the attic at the soffits at several spots I tried. We have continuous ridge venting and the AC/heat ducting is is in the attic but insulated.

So if the soffits are blocked, how do I introduce more air into the attic without messing up the air flow even more causing a different problem?

1. Roof power fan
2. Gable vents
3. Vents low to the floor at the gable end
4. Gable fan
5. Other....