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    I have a split A/C unit. The heat pump ~6-7 years old, the blower unit in the attic is ~20 years old. I live in No. Cal. and in the summer it gets in the low 100's here. When it is hot out side the A/C works great blowing out cold air. But when it is cooler outside (80-90) the A/C blows luke ware air. Any suggestions? Is it time for a new unit?

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    It is time for you to call a professional out who can look over your system and inform you why it is not performing correctly.

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    I live in the same part of the world as you do and there are plenty of good companys here to do busniess with . besides making sure you have a clean air filter , there is nothing else you can do , so like madeinusa said : its time to make that call

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    As the others said, call a contractor.

    Its time for service of that DIDC, DAF, and DBW. Not to mention the DODC.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    What you describe is a common problem when it's 60 degrees outside. Most air conditioners blow colder at 90 than at 60 unless specifically designed for such low temps. But at 80 to 90 you should be fine. Whatever the problem is I sincerely doubt a new machine is the answer.

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    leaky ductwork load not great enough at 80 when its 100 shes at full load thats why its cooler

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