Went on a no cooling call last night for a system I installed this spring 1.5 heat pump. The owners says there is no air blowing from the indoor unit. I ask if the outdoor unit is running she says yes. I tell her to shut everything down and I'll be over within the hour.

I get to the house and check the breakers, nothing is triped. I turn the t-stat fan switch to "on", heat and cool is "off" head to the attic to check the ahu. The fan is not running and their is ice on the coil. Makes sense so far no air flow - coil freezes. Unit is getting power so I get ready to check the run cap and I notice steam coming off the coil. The condensing unit is running in heat mode! I run down to the condensing unit to see what is going on. I pulled the O off and it sparked and I could hear the reversing valve reverse.

I go back to the stat and shut everything down. I ohmed out the control wiring and everything came back ok.

I go upstairs and check the run cap. It's fine.

So I turn the unit back on set it to cool and it's running fine. I button up the AHU and go down to check the pressures.

I get
75 psi on the suction side w/ 15 deg SH "
200 psi on the liquid side w/ 26 sub cooling
indoor dry bulb 85 wet bulb 72
outdoor ambient 80

this is a piston metering device.

Question, this looks like the correct charge to me. But why would the indoor fan stop running and then start again after disconnecting and reconnecting the O wire?

This was at 9 PM last night and homeowner was going to bed so I didn't have a chance to cycle the unit.