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    Have about a 5 yr old Goodwin heat pump. Occassionally we will come home to a very warm house in the summer, only to discover the compressor running, but the air handler not running. Usually if I turn the system off, let it sit a few minutes and turn it back on, all is well and it will run fine. Once or twice I've had to cycle it to heat then back to cool to get it to kick on properly. It never happens on heat, and it has never failed to come back on after being cycled off or to heat . Any thoughts? Loose connection somewhere or relay starting to go, or ????? Anything simple I can check before calling a tech out?


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    Sounds like a fan sequencer going out.

    Have a service company come out and check it.
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    Goodman has had some problems with Fan Relay intermiting I suggest you pick up the yellow pages and call a pro let them change it I'm sure thats the trouble

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    Fan relay or "G" terminal on thermostat., and ye shall find;..
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    Wink Had the same problem

    I had a tech out to do an acid wash and add coolant yesterday. I came home to a hothouse this evening. The compressor was running, but the air handler wouldn't work.

    I found your posts and tried switching it off for a few minutes and BINGO. Thanks for the heads-up on the fan relay problem

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