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    A contractor said he would install a torpedo return for my return drop. I think this is also called a radiused return. He said it would allow my spaceguard filter to use more of it's surface area. Is there any value to have a return that curves into the air filter. Does it make the filter work better or decrease the static or is it mostly cosmetic?I have seen a return like this on some of the installs that are on the wall of pride.

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    it should curve into your filter for better operation but you will see no difference in performance . should cost less then $50 in parts and take 10 minutes to fix. honestly not that big of a deal

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    Radiused els are less restrictive, give better air flow.


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    Radiused els ,need bothe the inside and outside to have a radius,to be benificial.The inside turn is often too small,or not there at all,in which case it does littel good.

    Properly done they will be less resistance(static) than a square elbow,and can improve airflow.

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