Bear with me on this. I have a customer that has commissioned me to supply a coil and lines to his existing Lennox resitential split system. The Condensing unit is eight years old, and has only seen two actual years of service, and has remained in storage for six years. The Condenser sat in a garage for that long. The Suction line service valve was not only closed, but the short stub had a cap and electrical tape applied to it. However, sadly, the liquid line service valve was open... and short stub was open to atmoshpere.

Six years of breathing air. It's a virtual brand-new unit.

Questions I'd like to pose to the panel of internet judges.

1. My intentions are to Remove the compressor, drain the oil (After I've tested that the compressor will actually turn over) and replace the oil, install an oversized liquid-line drier... and run it into a deep vacuum of aprox. 24 hours... once the system is installed... new line set, new coil.

Q. 1. Has anyone tried this and met with success or failure?

Q. 2. Should I use a suction line drier too?

Q. 3. Would you even go this far?

I've installed quite a few burn-out kits on some larger refrigeration systems in the past... back in the 70's and 80's, back then the time invested was worth it... even sometimes today too. Most cats with old split condensers in this situation... I'd just tell them to replace the unit. But this is a spanking new unit... and would like to save this cat some coin.

Ok... hit me... what's your thoughts?