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    Unhappy Drain Line Issue - Updated w/ PICS

    The setup:

    Air-handler in attic
    Drain line leaking somewhere in between 2nd and 1st floor.

    My thought:

    Run new drain line.

    The problem: I ran 20 ft of 3/4 PVC to the opposite end of the attic because it had easy access to drill in to the wall and add a drain outlet. The PVC is at an angle and the drain outlet is 8-12 inches below the handler line.

    After the first day there was water in the opening after the p-trap and if I went to the outside drain and did a quick syphon the water flowed out.

    Since the water was coming out the presumable breathing hole I added a temp plug but is this the best thing to do or should I do something different?

    Help please......

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    Update - Photo 1

    Here is what I have. The line from the unit does not look like a regular p-trap. This morning I removed the trap cleaner plug and a bunch of water flowed out. It also appeared that water leaked around the plug overnight and cause some water rings on the ceiling drywall.

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    Update - Photo 2

    Here is another view:

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    Update - Photo 3

    And here you can see the main drain line crossing the overflow pan line. Notice it (main drain line) is on a decent drain angle.

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    Update - Photo 4

    And here is the outside view of where it drains:

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    What I did today

    So this morning I went ahead an put a bead of silicon around the trap cleaner plug as I suspect that the water is leaking from there. What I am more concerned about is the fact that the water is at that plug point as it was not prior to me running the new line.

    If it doesn't leak in the next 24 hours, I will feel better but not knowing what is happening with the water in the PVC will be on my mind all the time.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Post some pics that work...
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    ??? - Pic's are displaying here

    I can see the pics just fine??..??I went ahead and moved the images to a different domain to see if that helps.

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    Should work now

    Images should be ok now

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    You installed the trap backwards.

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    Sorry.I didn't look at the picture correctly. My mistake. How did the trap get scorched and distorted? Is the trap restricted? Could be it can't drain fast enough because of the distortion.

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    That is what the AC service company did 2 years ago when they put the new unit in. It looks like they made their own trap.

    Beyond this, prior to me running the new PVC line, the trap cleaner (or open top of the T) did not have water setting in the opening or spilling out for that matter. Is it possible with the length of the new run that I need a real trap all together or can I do without?

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    This is your answer to your question

    I had a problem with my drain line. Installer flat out did it wrong and I could not get him back out. Someone here pointed me this site at Trane.

    I agree the line looks constricted. Maybe they tried to make the trap by heating the plastic pipe. You can make one from elbows very easily. See the link and good luck.

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