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    sizing a compressor

    Dear friends,

    What is the good reference (data) found in the compressor nameplate in choosing the size of a compressor and how to use it. Assuming there is no chart available and the cooling requirement is available. likewise, the size of evaporator and condenser required. i need to know a faster general estimation.

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    call the supply house and have then cross it.
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    Karst is right. You are asking a loaded question. There are way to many variables, like evaporator temp, condensing temp, latent load, heat pump/ non heat pump/ refrigerant, lubricant, etc.

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    Let me rephrase my need. Mostly gas compressor do not have a cooling capacity on the nameplate, how can you approximate a cooling capacity of a gas compressor base on its nameplate data? Without using a performance chart. Can i use the FLA and how?

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    usually by the model number if its tecumseh or bristol or copeland.....u can tell the tonnage fla that would hard to determine but u can cross reference by callin a local supply house

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    Their has to be a model # somewhere on it, if not its probably so old you need to replace it anyways

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