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Thread: AC Performance

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    Here in Va today its 91 degrees and 61RH at 2:45 in the afternoon. Its right at 100 degrees in my attic where the the airhandler and R6 flex duct is located.

    Temp drop across the coil is return 73 and supply plenum 57= 16 degree drop

    Inside the thermostat is set on 72 degrees. The AC has run for 6hrs 45 minutes so far since midnight.

    Register air closest to the airhandler is 59 degrees

    Register air farthest from the airhandler is 61 degrees

    Inside RH is 38

    Sound like the new system is performing SAT??

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    91 outside......

    73 inside with 38 % RH.....

    7 hours of runtime in the last 15 hours.

    Sounds good to me.....

    But its hard to tell from here.
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    Sounds ok.. Just as long the system can keep temp when it's really hot out, then your system is sized right.

    have any attic vent to help keep the attic cooler?

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    10 vents on backside of ridge with soffit vents in the front and getting ready to add vents to new soffit on rear of house. That may cool the attic a little more

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