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    Outside Unit, the control power (thermostat wires)(24vac)are intermittantly dropping out for a second than back on (Goes from 24 to zero than back to 24 volts).

    When it kicks back on just the fan is blowing for a few minutes than the compressor builds up & starts running. Recently had burned fan motor wires @ the harness between the capacitor and contactor. Repaired those (they were burnt individually not together) and the fan works fine. Had a pro check the capacitor & also fan speed is OK. The drop out occurs about every 30 minutes & the pro said if it does not stay off there is no way to determine the cause. The system is a dual zone split w/ 2 thermostats.

    I'm at a loss it can't be good for the system or utiltiy bills for this to continue. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You, Jonathan

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    sounds like you have a loose connection or bad thermostat wire or thermostat...that is not doing the compressor any good

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    Could be the cooling anticipator. No fix, just replce the thermostat. Of course, it could be any number of other things as well.

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    weak coil on contactor? or enternal overload

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    Does your zone system use a discharge air sensor.
    Does your duct system have a bypass.

    The discharge sensor may be doing its job and shuting down your condenser.
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