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    I am a home owner who is in need of a new system. My current Lennox has a 13 year old outside unit and a 10 year old inside coil. The furnace seems fine but I may replace just to get gains in effeicentcies.

    I have had several quotes, both Trane and Lennox. They both have a 15 or a 19 seer. I like the 19 cause it seems to be a lot better with the VS and the dehumidification.

    Am I just buying into the hype or are the VS and 19 SEER worth the extra bucks?

    Also, I am struggling with wether or not to go with the larger more expensive corporate dealer or with a smaller more mom and pop type. The coprorate dealer did have us up and running 2.5 hours after our system had a leak. But, they did not fix the leak...wanted 230 bucks to run a leak check. ( I had a guy off hours find it in 10 mins for 40bucks)

    Any insight would help! Thanks

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    In most climates, the huge premium you pay for the ultimate equipment will have NO economic payback. There could be some advantages in comfort & humidity control, but don't look for those thousands back in energy savings usually. Putting that extra towards windows, window tint, insulation, duct sealing, all could pay back so much faster.

    One thing to watch, depending upon size, you may be far from 19 SEER with these units. Check the specs carefully for the size you need.

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    So you hired a guy to moonlight and steal business from his company?
    Please tell me it wasn't my company...
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    No it was not...but you can give me a quote. You did install my buddies system.

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