I am a home owner who is in need of a new system. My current Lennox has a 13 year old outside unit and a 10 year old inside coil. The furnace seems fine but I may replace just to get gains in effeicentcies.

I have had several quotes, both Trane and Lennox. They both have a 15 or a 19 seer. I like the 19 cause it seems to be a lot better with the VS and the dehumidification.

Am I just buying into the hype or are the VS and 19 SEER worth the extra bucks?

Also, I am struggling with wether or not to go with the larger more expensive corporate dealer or with a smaller more mom and pop type. The coprorate dealer did have us up and running 2.5 hours after our system had a leak. But, they did not fix the leak...wanted 230 bucks to run a leak check. ( I had a guy off hours find it in 10 mins for 40bucks)

Any insight would help! Thanks