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    It seems that the AC is running when I have the following settings on thermostat:

    (Mode) Air/Heat - is off (neither heat or air turned on)
    (Fan) Auto/On - is on

    Even though the AC isn't supposed to be running, it is running. Do I have a thermostat wiring problem?

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    Are you sure your condensor is running and not just indoor fan? If so I would definetly say you have a wiring problem, you are getting 24v to the contactor on the condensor by way of the g terminal either on the tstat or furnace. Check your tstat wiring diagram and your furnace. Confirm that your low voltage from your condensor is connected at Y and C on the indoor unit.
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    Had a similiar problem , tight wire staple had broken insulation causing several of the thermostat wires to connect causing unusual functions.

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