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    Just another day before summer. On a roof to change out a condenser fan motor. Just be careful what you touch or place your tools.

    This is the temp on the case. (132.2f)

    Here's how hot the motor is. (155.2f)

    Just leave this stuff to the professionals.

    Just another cool day in Paradise

    What is snow? Is it that white stuff in a freezer?

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Trust me it's the heat it's the humidity,come on down to Florida and try it!!!IMHO,LOL!

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    In the past we did service at a large manufacturing plant in our area. Most of our work was with chillers for their paint line. Right below where we worked was the bake ovens for the powdwer coat line. Oven temps were 400F. Exhaust fans spewing out 400F degree air! Roof temps there were crazy! 120F in the shade was common. Every thing was hot. We wore mechanics gloves all the time as most any thing you touched would burn you. I remember standing on some red iron frame work and realizing my boot soles were melting!
    Sadly, (yeah right!), our competition took that business away!

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    Yeah I think Paysons pics often show him wearing gloves. Thats just wrong. I could imagine grabbing a wrench and having "Craftsman" branded into your palm.

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    I can`t wait to start my day on roofs here in Phoenix!!!!!

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