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    Nevermind. Found Answer

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    Time Delay , is perfectly normal if you have a time delay installed in your unit or if you recently switched to a digital tstat!

    Protects the compressor from short cycling!!!

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    Vendor and Model Number?

    Not enough information for an meanful reply... What is the vendor and model number? What type of t-stat.

    Many unit's do have a delay built in to allow pressure's to equalize across the compressor to prevent damage... But then again some do not.

    Why not set the T-Stat and observe the unit's operation of a delta time increment of a dozen or so cycles... If it's doing it's job relax. Also would consider having the unit serviced once a year (BEFORE) the start of each cooling season. An experienced Tech can spot and easily correct problems that would be transparent to you...

    Sound like a plan?

    If you're still curious provide the Vendor; Unit's model number and date of manufacture. That way others may be able to give you a more detailed answer...

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