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    I recently purchased a Honeywell RTH7500d off of ebay so when i moved into my newly purchased house that I could so some energy saving changes.

    I went tonight to install new t-stat but noticed when i removed the old Lennox one from the wall taht there is only 2 wires, white & black, and the instructions for the new t-stat mentions nothing about them. Did some searhing on the net but found a lack of required information to install to this system. Please help!

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    for heat only

    If its for heat only then run the wires to w and r..

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    does it matter which colour wire goes to which connection?

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    no it does not.. If you are using only two wires.. NOw if there were more then it would matter.


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    Unless it is a power stealing thermostat then it does not matter.

    Yes we have air conditioning in our igloos.

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