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    I recently had my Goodman unit replaced b/c a my unit kept freezing up.The tech came out and hooked gauges to my unit and added freon.During the time he was adding freon a valve started hissing and shooting freon out.He told me my compressor was bad and i needed a new unit.So after the install of the new unit that night my new unit froze up again.He then took my a-coil out and determined it was stopped up and drilled it out where it was stoppped up and now my unit runs fine...Now i got a $1600 bill from him and i dont think i'm obligated to pay this since there was nothing wrong in the first place with my unit.Don't they have insurance for this and what should i do? The way i see it he messed my compressor up by overcharging it.

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    I think you need to tell him that .. not us..
    He deserves half.


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    Tech ?

    Is he a Tech or a handyman? I'm guessing he does presure washing and gutter cleaning too. If it's a HVAC company, Talk to the owner. If not good luck. Sounds like he's liseces and Insurance is for driving and libality on his station wagon. But in some states he can file a lein on your home for not paying his bill. The insurance most companies use is the bottom line, mistakes cost are taken from the profit you could have made if you didn't make a mistake. It sounds like the low side was low and the high side was high....low charge is the last thing you suspect.. try to get a discount on the grass cutting bill or..

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    This guy is the owner of a local company.

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    Pretty much you are eating this one, you can`t prove anything, personally I would say if there was hissing and freon shooting out , you don`t have a bad compressor you have a leak in your outdoor coil. However, you signed a agreement I am assuming, and you choose to replace the unit instead of getting a second opinion, if you dont pay he has all recourse to sue you, Take it from me, I have plenty of "in court" experience, he will win!!

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    The terminals on the compressor could have blown out. When he put his manifolds on and added some charge to find the leak, the hissing was coming from the terminals.

    The compressor could have broken up and plugged the metering device.(2nd call)

    We really dont know.

    Im not going to throw the guy "under the bus" with half the story from a customer that didnt like the 1600 dollar bill they were handed.

    If you had a problem with his practices you should have gotten a second opinion.

    They are generally free.

    It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners.

    ~Albert Camus

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