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    I'm in the technical side of the computer industry, and need a new career since most computer jobs have gone overseas. Here in Oregon I don't find any HVAC training except in Portland, and when I'm laid off I'll need to do something quick. Can anyone tell me how long HVAC certification takes, and what I'd need at the minimum to get my foot in the door? Do employers in the field have any reservations about "older" workers (50)...with the "old school" dedication ethics? Thanks.

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    Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    If your are fifty and just deciding to enter this industry .... I would highly recomend entering "Building Automation" or "EMS"; Energy Management Systems.
    Controls, in other words.

    If you said you wanted to begin as a residential installer and work your way up to field service tech .... I'd say you had a screw lose someplace!

    I'm fifty one. But I spent the last half my life here. So I can do whatever I embark upon.

    But you have an advantage with computers under your belt.
    Building controls systems are all computers today. All proprietary software and GUI interfaces.

    Spend some time here on this site and visit the Controls forum. Speak up .. introduce yourself and ask for advice.

    The rest of the field service in this industry isnt for men of our "stature".

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