Hey. inherited a trance tracer 100 system, it's 18 years old.
I'm looking for the 2 manuals
tracer pcl operators guide

some of the problems on the system. 2 exhaust fans added 5 years ago use relays to signal the tracer. Binary inputs obviously.The installers hooked the wires into an analog input board The design is, when signaled, to control the dampers on one RTU for use as make up air. drive the dampers to 50% with 1 fan and 100% with the 2, as per the retrofit blueprint. There's no binary input board in the tracer 100 panal but I have some free binary inputs in a lighting panel.

The building has problems with negative pressure. There is also a analog building static sensor that should be used to control 11 other voyager units to maintain a positive pressure in the building through economizer control. also not working.

I suspect the system has not been programed by trane for the kitchen exhaust control or for building static control. I'm going to be working on this next week and really need these manuals. I havn't contacted trane yet, what are the chances of them giving me these manuals? slim to none?